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Successful people are those who not only have the ability to get things done but have the ability to get everything done right in minimum time. So what’s their secret? How are they able to get everything done when others fail?

Well, the answer is that they keep themselves ‘organized’. BlueCrest College has compiled the following list through which you too can unclutter your work life and become successful.

Morning Routine
Start your day with the thought of how you are going to approach the entire day.  Your time is important so start your day early, make your bed, get a healthy breakfast, pack your paperwork and make sure you have your phone charged.

Email Routine
Set a routine to check your emails. Developing a system of limits according to your workload and job role, if that is five times a day, you need to develop a schedule for that. Keep your mailbox from overwhelming, set a time limit you will spend every time you will look into your mailbox and follow it strictly.

Workspace Routine
On your desk, less is always more and in an environment where time is everything you need to keep everything on your desk organized so time is not wasted looking for things. It is also important that you don’t stop with your desk and ensure that your entire workspace provide you a distraction and clutter free room to excel in your work.

Work Routine
The first thing you need to do is to prioritize your work. Identify what matters most and develop a discipline. Before you start anything know that you have to get it done right and know the time you will take to complete it. Planning the time, you will need to complete it makes you to do it without any stress and also leaves you time to make last-minute adjustments if needed.

Problem-Solving Routine
Every day will come with new problems and you need to be prepared. Don’t spend too much time thinking on the problem rather keep your focus on finding the solutions. Create simple yet realistic solutions, according to the nature and urgency of the problem. Always make efforts to keep your mind relaxed and untangled when you are searching for a solution.

Self-Development Routine
Set aside some time every day for your self-development because the time you spend on yourself is most important. Keep on improving yourself and never stop building effective habits.

Evening Routine
Your evening time should be your time to relax, reflect on what you did today and also to prepare for your next day. Remember no one is born organized and to get things done you need an uncluttered and organized life that will not only save you time but improve the overall quality of your life.
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